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Nurse visit (family medicine)

During the meeting with the nurse, we check and analyze the current health and consult about future health decisions


Vaccination against COVID-19, tick-borne encephalitis and influenza is free at the clinic and without prior reservation


Book an appointment for physiotherapist

Covid-19 testing

We test the indicators of Covid-19 with both a rapid test and a PCR test and prepare a certificate with a QR code proving the result


Our clinic's professional masseuses perform a wide range of massages to provide individual relaxation for your body and mind


Body cleansing or detoxification. Pohmell therapy and rapid improvement in well-being

General practitioner's appointment

The general practitioner prepares a personal treatment plan, issues prescriptions and sets a health action plan


At the trichologist's appointment, you can find answers to your scalp health and hair concerns

LUMI facial treatment

We welcome all skin types, from balanced skin to acne, dry, oily or inflamed skin


For vision-related questions, start by seeing an optometrist


Rehabilitation is aimed at restoring, maintaining, or adapting to a disability

Lymphatic therapy


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The clinic is open: 24/7
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