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The vaccination for COVID-19 takes place without prior reservation!
We also vaccinate against influenza and tick-borne encephalitis. Come by!

Order vaccination at the office!

Order vaccination for your employees! Order the service to the office. Vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis and borreliosis takes place conveniently at the time and place agreed with your company!

Information about visiting the clinic.

We ask everyone to wear a mask when visiting the clinic. Let's keep each other!

When visiting the clinic, it is not necessary to present a vaccination passport or the result of a rapid test.
If necessary, we perform a rapid test or vaccination on site at the clinic.
As an on-call service, we also offer the preparation of a certificate proving that you have suffered from an illness (Fit-to-Fly) .

Occupational health care

Medical check-up of office worker / attendant

According to the risk analysis, a comprehensive health checkup is performed for the office worker, and an occupational health decision is formalized for the employer.

Health check-up by a medical professional

The health check-up of a medical worker is a service aimed at maintaining and preserving the health of a specialist operating in his field.

Health check of the security guard

Although we perform comprehensive health checks for employees in all areas based on a risk analysis, each area has its own specifics, which the occupational health doctor takes into account, gives the appropriate recommendations and consults, and a decision is formalized for the employer.

Ask for an offer!

Please describe the size of your company and the occupational health needs.
We will send you an offer to your e-mail within one working day.

Our story

The human body is a whole consisting of complex systems, which, like a well-oiled machine, needs every little nut and a working engine to function. If only one joint stops working, a person cannot enjoy the full joy of life. Therefore, the quality of our life is equal to the maintenance of body and mind, or health! Elderly nurses and doctors know this and do not forget to look beyond the symptoms to look for the real roots of health problems. We see the connections between mental and physical health and approach each person individually, combining both scientific and alternative therapies to achieve the best results. Each treatment plan requires a personal approach and trustful cooperation. Our goal is safe, balanced and functional health care. Take a step to improve your health and come for a consultation. We will continue to act for your health with the entire Eldred team!

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The 24-hour paid security service is open every weekday and weekend, including public holidays. We accept procedures with a reservation during the opening hours of the clinic every working day 09:00 - 19:00. Eldred OÜ also offers medical transport, medical security service and outdoor assistance services. Find more information at eldred.ee!


+372 6 778 448

On-call service

Ahtri tn. 8, II floor


Fri 09:00 - 19:00
Ahtri tn. 8, II floor
Tallinn, 10151


Paid in front of the house
Nautica Center parking lot
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Address: Ahtri tänav 8, Tallinn
Phone number: +372 6 778 448
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The clinic is open: 24/7
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