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LUMI facial treatment

LUMI started its activities as a start-up company of the University of Tartu in 2013, right in the heart of the city bubbling with life, in the Tartu Biotechnology Park. Combining knowledge of medicinal plants and biotechnology, LUMI offers domestic natural cosmetics for healthier and more beautiful skin.

The products do not contain parabens, mineral or silicone oils, synthetic fragrances or preservatives. Just one pump full of natural cosmetics full of fresh raw materials releases new vitality in your skin!

Forward thinking

We believe that holistic health is the way to great results. What we eat, think and feel directly affects the skin. In addition to product recommendations, our LUMI specialist also gives advice on taking care of body and mind and professional home skin care.

It's all about balance, and for that we need to get back to the basics. LUMI is innovative and bold in seeking solutions, all in the name of science, while making the most of the power of raw materials.

We welcome all skin types, from balanced skin to acne, dry, oily or inflamed skin (psoriasis, dermatitis).

Address: Ahtri tänav 8, Tallinn
Phone number: +372 6 778 448
Email: kliinik@eldred.ee
The clinic is open: 24/7
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