Classic general massage :
General massage of the whole body or back area or therapeutic massage.

As a result of the massage, the blood and lymphatic circulation improves. Massage removes blockages from energy channels, relieves stress, which causes most diseases.

Relieves headaches, neck, neck and back pain, reduces metabolic and digestive problems and insomnia, treats nerve and circulatory problems, stimulates lymph flow, which removes toxins and residues from the body, and stimulates the immune system.

The whole body massage session lasts 60 or 90 minutes, the back massage 30 minutes.

Aroma massage :
A very relaxing type of massage that creates a balance between the human body, mind and spirit. We use very pure mixtures of DoTerra essential oils that are absorbed by the body through the skin and respiratory tract. The movements of the masseur are smooth and slow. It relieves mental tension, relieves stress and relaxes muscles.

During the massage session, the client, in consultation with the masseur, chooses the most suitable aroma oil at that moment.

Our selection includes:
  • Aromatherapy massage that supports the respiratory system
  • An aroma massage that supports the immune system
  • Nervous system balancing aroma massage
  • Aroma massage that relieves pain, if necessary, the result is supported by a cream with the same aroma oils.

  • The massage session lasts 60 minutes.

    Abhyanga massage :
    Abhyanga (literally: "oil massage") 60.min.massage is a very special, deeply relaxing point massage that activates standing energy. The massage always uses warm oil, which restores the "Prana" or energy movement. The oil used in Abhyanga massage nourishes and revitalizes the tissues and allows the cells to be cleared of toxins. Abhyanga has a profound and healing effect, balancing the body, mind and mind. Massage increases the strength of tissues, improves blood circulation and has a rejuvenating effect on the whole body, removes toxins from the body and reduces stress.

    The massage session lasts 60 minutes.

    Ayurvedic healing scalp massage :
    A special scalp treatment that stimulates blood circulation and hair growth on the scalp, strengthens the hair follicles and helps prevent protein loss from the hair. The special oil has a healing effect on the scalp and stimulates hair growth.

    In addition to the scalp, the massage also includes the neck and décolleté. The massage uses a lot of aromatic oil.

    The massage session lasts 25 minutes.

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