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Nurse visit (family medicine)

Eldred health nurses help you on several fronts:

  • at the reception, we measure and evaluate health indicators (body temperature, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, breathing and pulse rate, blood sugar, cholesterol);

    – We measure blood sugar with a glucometer. To get the right result, we ask you not to eat or drink (except water and daily medications) two hours before coming to the appointment.

  • we conduct COVID-19 PCR and antigen tests;

    – Eldred offers PCR tests and rapid tests. The result of the test reaches the digital lock within 24 hours, and in the case of a quick test within 1-3 hours. When you come to the clinic, we also issue a paper certificate confirming the test result for an additional fee of €4.
    – Eldred uses only professional Roche rapid tests for antigen rapid tests. The test result is interpreted after 15-30 minutes. If you plan to travel, make sure that there is a suitable rapid test or PCR test at the border crossing. We also issue a paper certificate confirming the test result on site.

  • we vaccinate against COVID-19, tick-borne encephalitis and influenza;

    – In the health clinic, you can get vaccinated against COVID-19 with both the first, second and booster doses, and it is also possible to get the flu vaccine at the same time. All information about vaccination can be found at www.vaktsineeri.ee. Advance booking is not necessary.

  • we give health advice regarding diet and lifestyle choices and advise the patient or his relatives on the use of medical aids;
  • we perform simpler procedures such as wound treatment and removal of wound sutures, bandaging, administration of drugs by injection (into the skin, under the skin, into a muscle or vein), tick removal, side irrigation and inhalations.
  • Address: Ahtri tänav 8, Tallinn
    Phone number: +372 6 778 448
    Email: kliinik@eldred.ee
    The clinic is open: 24/7
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