Tervisekliinik24 - Optometrist


With the help of the sense of sight, we create our own unique perception of the world around us. And eye health is key here! At the optometrist's appointment, we perform a thorough vision check, find answers to vision-related questions, and, if necessary, refer you to an ophthalmologist for additional check-ups.

During the reception, the following is carried out:
  • visual acuity check
  • prescribing glasses
  • issuing prescriptions for contact lenses and other optical aids
  • visual function tests: color perception test, stereoscopic vision test
  • measurement of eye pressure
  • Vision counseling

  • It is possible to register for the reception without a referral and from the age of 12.
    The price of the reception is 35€ and the duration is 20 minutes.

    Address: Ahtri tänav 8, Tallinn
    Phone number: +372 6 778 448
    Email: kliinik@eldred.ee
    The clinic is open: 24/7
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