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Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine

In order to enjoy Estonia's summer to the fullest, protect yourself early against tick-borne encephalitis.
Tick encephalitis is an acute viral disease that damages the central nervous system, can cause long-term residual neurological symptoms and even death. Bovine encephalitis is generally diagnosed in the second phase of the disease, and the severity of the disease worsens with age, when the frequency of residual symptoms affecting the quality of life and the mortality rate increase. Tick-borne encephalitis is preventable by vaccination.

We carry out vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis for both adults and children at Ahtri 8, Tallinn. Advance booking is not necessary, but if you wish, you can announce your arrival via online booking.

Address: Ahtri tänav 8, Tallinn
Phone number: +372 6 778 448
Email: kliinik@eldred.ee
The clinic is open: 24/7
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