Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine

We carry out vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis for both adults and children at Ahtri 8, Tallinn without prior reservation!

Tick-borne encephalitis is an acute clinical disease that affects the central nervous system and can cause long-term neurological sequelae and even death.
The residual symptoms of the disease are related to the deterioration in the quality of life and the long-term costs to both the patient and society. Tick-borne encephalitis is generally diagnosed in the second phase of the disease.
Mortality from tick-borne encephalitis averages 1%. The severity of the disease worsens with age: the incidence of encephalitis and encephalomyelitis in patients ≥ 60 years of age is 70%, and the incidence of residual events is increasing. Mortality may increase to 2.3%.
Tick-borne encephalitis can be prevented by vaccination.
We also carry the tick vaccine without a reservation, but if you want, you can let us know in advance!

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